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News / November 25, 2010

Health spending cuts to affect dental services

by Guy Hiscott

As part of health spending cuts amounting to over €1.4bn over the next four years, professional fees for dentists are to be cut.

Next year, to help achieve a saving of €746m, there will be reduced spending for demand-led schemes like the medical card scheme.

The National Recovery Plan also states that between 2012 and 2014, changes will be made to the existing range of dental services and supports provided through the healthcare and social protection systems in order to improve access to essential dental services for those most in need

Capital spending in health will be €400m in 2011.

The four-year plan also provides for competition in the medical and other professions to be overseen by an independent figure, reporting regularly to the Government.

A statement in The National Recovery Plan said: ‘The tax and expenditure measures contained in this Plan will negatively affect the living standards of citizens in the short-term. But postponing these measures will lead to greater burdens in the future for those who can least bear them…’

Today [Thursday 25 November], the Government’s four-year plan will be debated in the Dáil.

A copy of The National Recovery Plan can be downloaded at