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News / October 27, 2010

Cordless prophy polishing system

by Guy Hiscott

Discus Dental is pleased to introduce the Zen cordless prophy polishing system.

Its lightweight design and wireless foot pedal deliver ergonomic advantages that hygienists will feel immediately – no more draping cords over patients or stretching around obstacles.

The Zen handpiece has a contoured, balanced design that is comfortable and secure. It also has the torque and speed to polish stains quickly and effectively. The wireless foot pedal is precisely in sync with your movements, enabling you to control your desired speed and minimise splatter.

With infection control being more important than ever, the Zen also includes three autoclavable barrier shells. Between appointments, simply wipe down the handpiece and attach a freshly autoclaved barrier shell, so there is no need to use a barrier sleeve and snap on a disposable angle.

Forget about cords – that was then – and welcome the new, cordless Zen!

For more details call +44 (0) 1923 850423.