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News / February 26, 2010

Help for dentists in face of PRSI cuts

by Guy Hiscott

Recent Government budget cuts stunned the Irish Dental market at the end of last year, by effectively removing access to subsidised and free dental treatment via the PRSI scheme. 

Many dentists are now facing the prospect of patients reluctant to attend for routine examinations and hygiene appointments that were previously subsidised or in some cases fully funded by central government. Furthermore, many fear that reduced attendance for routine appointments is likely to impact on the uptake of treatment plans and adversely affect practice profitability.

Faced with issues of patient education, patient retention and recalls, dentists in the Republic are searching for help from companies that can provide solutions in one of more of these areas.

As the leading practice management software provider in Ireland, Software of Excellence has many years’ experience in dealing with precisely the issues that are now facing the Irish dental profession and has organised a series of three evening seminars to inform dentists about the solutions available and how they can overcome the challenges they face.

Taking place in Galway, Cork and Dublin at the end of March, each presentation will feature keynote speakers offering advice, guidance and practical tips designed to improve recall effectiveness, enhance practice marketing and increase treatment plan acceptance. 

Seminars take place in Galway on 29 March, Cork on  30 March and Dublin on 31 March between 5.45pm and 8.30pm. Pre-event light refreshments and post-event drinks are available.

To reserve a FREE place, please call 01 494 4001/0800 328 6227 or email, stating your preferred venue.

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