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News / December 16, 2009

Boy’s dental video ranks second in YouTube’s ‘most watched’

by Guy Hiscott

A home video of a boy groggy after a trip to the dentist is the second most watched YouTube video of 2009.

The video – shot by the seven year old’s father –  notched up more than 37 million views.

‘David After Dentist’ features the son recovering from some dental work that left him feeling disoriented and wondering if he would ever feel normal again.

The YouTube list, released on Wednesday, marks the first time that the website has ranked its most-watched videos in any year since its 2005 inception.

Within a week, the video had amassed more than five million views.

The video shows the child in the back of the car telling his father that he ‘feels funny’ and asking ‘is this real life?’

The video has a huge following with fans producing t-shirts and stickers featuring the child star.

YouTube, which is owned by Google, serves up around one billion videos every week.

To view ’David After Dentist’, click here.