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News / September 16, 2009

Dental education embraces the iPod

by Guy Hiscott

Dental education is now available via the iPod touch and iPhone, following the launch of a new application that allows users to purchase, download and play individual dental education animations.

The ToothIQ oral health education application incorporates diagnoses and prevention topics. Of the 70 animations currently available, 14 can be downloaded free of charge.

To find ToothIQ from your computer, launch iTunes, visit the App Store, and search for ToothIQ. To find it from your iPod touch or iPhone, tap the ‘App Store’ icon on the device, and enter ToothIQ in the search box.

Updates to content are planned to be complimentary unless they introduce a significant amount of new content. Whenever you launch the application, if your device has web access, it will check for updates and give you the opportunity to download the update. Once downloaded to your device, the animations play locally on it.

The application also features a direct portal to additional information on, where users can learn about risks, benefits and options to most dental procedures.

The applications are now available from the App Stores in Ireland, the UK, the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.