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News / July 1, 2009

Masticating robot aids dental research

by Guy Hiscott

Scientists have developed a ‘chewing robot’ to help understand the wear and tear undergone by human teeth.

The new mechanical mandible, which mimics the action of a human jaw, was designed by University of Bristol student Daniel Raabe.

ts aim is to test new types of crowns and other dental fittings which can prove costly and time consuming when tested on human subjects.

Researchers at the University of Bristol’s Department of Mechanical Engineering worked in collaboration with the Department of Oral and Dental Science.

Dr Kazem Alemzadehv at the university came up with the concept after seeing aircraft simulators using similar movements.

The design and development of the robot was carried out by Daniel Raabe, a mechanical engineering PhD student at the university.

Mr Raabe said: ‘By reproducing natural bite forces and movements, the chewing robot can help improve and accelerate the process of developing new dental restorative materials that may someday be found in a person’s mouth.’

The UK spends around £2.5 billion each year on dental materials to replace or strengthen teeth.

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