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News / June 26, 2009

Northern Ireland dental costs revealed

by Guy Hiscott

In 2007/08, the gross cost of general dental payments in Northern Ireland was £68.8 million, reveals the family practitioner services statistical report published by the Business Services Organisation. Of that £68.8 million, £53.3 million was for dental treatments, with patient contribution making up £15.9 million of that sum.

The report also shows that, as of October 2008, in Northern Ireland:
• There were 819 principal dentists
• There were 351 dental practices
• The average dental practice list size was 2,451
• The Southern Board had the lowest number of tooth extractions per 1,000 registered and resident population for children aged from 0 to 17
• There were 6,712 fillings and 19,074 extractions carried out on children’s (aged from 0 to 12) teeth
• Dentists are predominantly male, with 47% being female and 56% under the age of 40
• Sixty-two per cent of children (aged 0 to 17) and 45% of adults were registered with a dentist
• A total of £5.1m in practice allowance was paid for the year 2007/08.

The publication can be accessed on the Business Services Organisation website at