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News / May 29, 2009

Tooth fairy generous in Northern Ireland

by Guy Hiscott

Losing a tooth in Northern Ireland is the most lucrative despite the average payout for children’s teeth decreasing by 6% since last year, according to a new survey.

An estimated £22.1 million will be left under children’s pillows this year, which is £1.3 million less than last year, according to findings from savings specialist, The Children’s Mutual.

One in four parents said they were happy to give their children less as it helps them to learn about money.


Children in Northern Ireland receive an average of £1.44 per tooth whereas in London it’s an average of £1.36, and in the Midlands £1.01.


Twelve per cent get nothing at all.


Reported by The Daily Telegraph, The Children’s Mutual chief executive David White said, ‘The fall in the value of teeth provides the perfect opportunity for parents to talk to their child about the value of money and the impact of the credit crunch.


‘Talking about the value of money in terms children can easily understand can help them appreciate the importance of saving.’