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News / May 12, 2009

Getting IT right the first time

by Guy Hiscott

During the hugely successful and well-attended ‘Skilkenny’ conference last month, CDSoft Ltd conducted some research on dentists who had just opened or were in the process of opening a practice. CDSoft Ltd was surprised to discover that many dentists, after investing a lot of time, money and effort into getting the practice just right, in terms of design and carpentry, had failed to contact their IT provider until after the layout was complete. And it was only at this stage that the dentist discovered that the IT infrastructure he/she intended to purchase would not fit in nicely with the new furniture.

For example, the server unit in a surgery needs to be housed in a well-ventilated and dust-free area. Generally, a surgery does not have enough space allocated for this, resulting in the furniture needing to be changed around or totally redesigned, causing havoc. This kind of situation can be easily avoided by engaging with your IT provider during the initial stages of design, so that enough space can be allocated for cables, wires and areas for servers and PCs.

‘One of our aims is to make sure your IT equipment blends in with your new dental practice. We have found in the past that sometimes, when we arrive at the practice, we discover that all of the cabinetry is complete and no space has been allocated for the computers. We prefer to be involved at an earlier stage so the positioning of your computers is subtle but effective,’ says Michael Walsh, Solutions Consultant at CDSoft Ltd.

About CDSoft Ltd

CDSoft Ltd is an Irish-owned company that is a distributor of TAB Dental practice management software, Schick digital x-ray technologies and Florida Probe. A 2009 HP Gold Preferred Partner and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, CDSoft Ltd can offer Irish dentists exclusive HP hardware offers, and provide a professional IT support/helpdesk, where any IT issue can be resolved promptly. CDSoft Ltd has formed a strategic partnership with Dental Medical Ireland, offering a total solution for all of your dentistry needs.

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