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News / March 17, 2009

Green drinks dye pearly whites

by Guy Hiscott

This St Patrick’s day, patients need to be warned that drinks dyed green are actually bad for their teeth and could even leave them with a green smile.

The dye used can stain dental work, so patients with veneers or other types of restorative work should be especially careful.

Natural teeth are also at risk, of course, since acidic drinks lower the acid level in your patients’ mouths. When that level drops, it will leave drinkers with a hint of green on their pearly whites.

However, dentists say that enjoying a green drink is not entirely out of the question, and recommend drinking through a straw and brushing teeth about 20-30 minutes after consumption. 

If a toothbrush is too hard to find at the time, they recommend using water to rinse the mouth as an interim measure.