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News / February 20, 2009

Cork-based firm launches new implant technology

by Guy Hiscott

A Cork-based bio-medical firm has launched ground-breaking surface modification and coating technology that can be used in dental applications.

EnBIO’s technology modifies the surface on dental implants in a way that enables delivery of therapeutic drugs directly to the implant location, thereby potentially removing the need for patients to take the drug orally.

Speaking at the opening of the firm’s facility at Fota Point Business Park in Cork, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Micheál Martin TD, commented: ‘EnBIOs product offering is truly unique and the company’s innovative discovery is set to be embraced by medical devices industries worldwide. Its collaboration with University College Dublin, Cork Institute of Technology, the University of Ulster and the University of Liverpool is to be commended, and I am really pleased to see that the product is now going to market.’

Dan Philpott, CEO of EnBIO, said: ‘‘The technology is a significant breakthrough in surface modification technology and enables the application of coatings which promote better growth, healing and enhanced infection control, amongst other properties, via a non-complex low temperature deposition process. Furthermore, the process can open up several opportunities in the non-medical field, with its anti-corrosive, surface hardening and flexible properties.’