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News / December 4, 2008

A Euro guide for dentists

by Guy Hiscott

A brand new comprehensive guide for dentists wanting to practise in other EU member states is now available.

The Council of European Dentists (CED) has just published a comprehensive guide on the training and work requirements for dentists and other dental professionals.

The latest edition of the EU Manual of Dental Practice describes the legal and ethical regulations, dental training requirements, oral health systems and the organisation of dental practice in 32 European (EU and EEA) countries, including Croatia, which is due to join the EU next year.

The practising arrangements, the regulatory frameworks and systems within which dentists work in the respective countries are compared. There is also country specific information on the dental specialities that are recognised, along with details of where such training is available and duration.

The guide also contains information on other dental care professionals, with a list of those that are recognised, their training, the procedures they are allowed to carry out, and the rules within which they can legally practise.

Commenting on the new guide, the main author of the manual, Dr Anthony Kravitz said: ‘There has been considerable interest from dentists and government officials about the organisation of dentistry in the EU and we believe this guide addresses all the professional issues that dentists need to take on board to make the move to practise in another country as hassle-free as possible.’