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News / September 24, 2008

Competition Authority welcomes new rules on advertising

by Guy Hiscott

The Competition Authority has welcomed the implementation of one of the main recommendations of its report on the dental profession.

The Dental Council has now produced a new Code of Practice on Public Relations and Communications, which allows dentists to advertise their services to consumers with certain caveats, including that it be done in a truthful manner.

The new Code directly implements a key Competition Authority recommendation that the Dental Council should remove unnecessary restrictions on advertising.

The Code means that:
• Dentists are now free to advertise their prices and the services they provide
• Consumers will be better able to shop around for dental services and this will encourage price competition among dentists
• Consumers will be more aware of their entitlements and the availability of services in their area
• Dentists will be encouraged to offer new and innovative services
• Dentists trying to establish a new practice will find it easier to promote awareness of their practice among the local population.

According to Bill Prasifka, chairperson of the Competition Authority, ‘This is a significant step in the reform of dental services in Ireland. Consumers will now be better placed to get good value for dental services.’

The Competition Authority published its report on competition in the dental profession in October 2007. It made 12 recommendations, addressed mainly to the Dental Council and the Minister for Health and Children.

For the full text of the Code of Practice on Public Relations and Communications, visit