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News / August 27, 2008

Donations needed to help aid dental health

by Guy Hiscott

A Derry couple are making a plea for donations to improve the dental health of people in Brazil.

Lisa and Peter O’Donnell are travelling to a region outside Rio de Janeiro called Petropolis on behalf of UK charity, Latin American Ministries (LAM), an organisation that was created in 1997 by a group of Irish people who have lived in Brazil for the last 25-years.

Petropolis has one free government dental clinic for a town populated by almost 310,000 people.

Lisa said: ‘Most people just wait for the tooth decay to get unbearable and then go to casualty to get it pulled out. Many parents don’t bother to take their children or to go themselves, because of all the difficulties and this results in a lot of infection and pain’.

LAM have opened a day centre in Petroplis and the couple who run this have found a dentist willing to give treatment for free, but the lack of equipment is currently preventing this.

Lisa and Peter O’Donnell are off to Brazil on 9 September and are hoping to raise £6000. If you would like to donate please call +44 (0) 7843 111933.