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News / January 8, 2008

Report shows women to be under-represented in the dental profession

by Guy Hiscott

A gender report, Women and Men in Ireland 2007, has revealed that in the health service women represented just over 30% of dental professionals at consultant level and 45% at non-consultant level.

The table above shows Ireland’s health service personnel by grade category

These statistics are slightly higher than in 2006, when the figure for dental consultants was a little under 30%, while for non-consultants the figure was marginally over 44%.

Published by the Central Statistics Office Ireland (CSO), the report examines key differences in the lives of men and women in Ireland.

Overall the employment rate for women in Ireland was 60.3% in the second quarter of 2007 compared with 45.9% in 1997. This rapid increase means that Ireland already exceeds the EU 2010 target of 60%. The employment rate for men was 77.2%, which was well above the average 2006 EU rate of around 71.6%.

The report shows that women are under-represented in decision-making structures at both national and regional levels.